Southern Manitoba
Real Estate Appraisal.

Burley Appraisals provides real estate valuation services for a wide variety of clients in Southern Manitoba.

We provide our clients in
Southern Manitoba with a wide
variety of real estate valuation

Our approach to real estate appraisal is simple: We focus on providing our clients with prompt service, comprehensive analysis, and accurate valuations. Our focus is on serving our clients in whatever way we can, and we’ve optimized our work process to make it even easier for you to collaborate with us on your next property valuation.

Mortgage Lending

We provide comprehensive appraisals that meet the appraisal requirements for your mortgage lending provider.

Legal Valuation

We perform property valuation for various legal purposes, including property sales, estate planning, and court actions, among others.

Tax & Assessment

We provide real estate appraisal services to clients who are seeking a second opinion of property value for tax or assessment purposes.

Personal Use

Whether you're preparing a private sale or just want to know how the market has changed, we can provide you with an accurate property valuation.

Easy & Fast Appraisal

We've optimized our appraisal process to provide our clients with prompt and efficient service.

1Contact Us

Fill out our appraisal order form to get the ball rolling. We'll get your information, appraisal use case, and any other information we need to get started.

2Property Inspection

We'll arrange a time to see your property. Depending on the type of appraisal, this can range from a simple "drive-by" inspection to a full exterior and interior property inspection.

3Report Compilation

Once we have all the information we need, we'll begin the process of compiling your property appraisal report. This will include market research, property analysis, and the various other factors that go into creating an accurate property valuation report.

4Finalization & Delivery

We pull together all the various valuation aspects into one comprehensive appraisal report that meets CUSPAP standards. We then finalize and deliver the appraisal report to our client.